Commercial Kitchen Maintenance — A Necessary Ingredient

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance — A Necessary Ingredient

Wherever there is a hotel or large restaurant, there will be a kitchen maintenance contract. Such is the demand for a service that maintains heavy duty equipment that has to operate 18-20 hours per day, and it takes a special kind of company to provide such a service, with breakdowns occurring at odd times. Any kitchen manager would be on first name terms with the maintenance team and would regard them as a major component in the successful running of the kitchen.

An Extensive List of Manufacturers

An established kitchen service company would be approved to work with just about every make there is, and with a long list of spare parts, they can ensure that the workload is met. A reputable company would be able to loan its customers certain appliances, in the event an essential machine needed extensive repairs and was out of action for a few days.

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

When a restaurant or hotel manager hires a servicing company, he or she realises this is an integral part of keeping the customers happy. If there are no breakdowns, and the equipment works as it should, then the food will be served in tip top condition and everyone is happy.

Keeping the Wheels Oiled

In the short time the equipment is idle, this is the time when the maintenance crew can carry out their essential tasks. Checking oil and grease levels, making sure electrical connections are not corroded, and looking for signs of wear and tear, are all things a maintenance team would carry out. The team leader would work closely with the kitchen manager, and advise accordingly when repairs are necessary, and between them, they would be able to ensure the equipment is always in good working order.

Increased Efficiency

Having a smooth running kitchen is the key to productivity, and with the maintenance team working in the background, the kitchen will produce more food, especially during the busy periods. A small part might slowly wear down, and if this goes unnoticed, it could lead to a major breakdown, which affects the entire operation.

Reduced Running Costs

Both gas and electric powered appliances use less energy if they are regularly serviced, and any kitchen manager would be well aware of this. If a machine isn’t running properly, it lacks efficiency, and this leads to using more power to achieve the same level of performance.

Better Standard of Hygiene

Dirty machines cannot be serviced very well, and if a kitchen has a maintenance team, you can be sure every piece of equipment will be clean, as it is looked at on a regular basis. Kitchen maintenance requires cleanliness at the best of times, but in a commercial environment it is even more essential. If the staff keep the kitchen clean at all times, it makes the maintenance work a lot easier.

Although the master chef and the other cooks are important, the real unsung heroes of the commercial kitchen are the maintenance crew who keep everything in good working order. If you need the help of the experts, contact us today and we will do whatever we can.