Outsourcing Kitchen Maintenance

Outsourcing Kitchen Maintenance

If you run a large hotel or restaurant, you would no doubt outsource certain essential services, and kitchen maintenance is likely to be high on the list. The heavy punishment a commercial kitchen has to endure means regular inspections and a planned maintenance schedule, and this is best outsourced to a specialised company.

Rapid Repairs

Of course, heavy duty appliances don’t last forever, and when something does break down, it is vital to get it up and running within hours rather than days. One appliance out of order can cause chaos in a large kitchen, such is the need for regular maintenance. This would be scheduled to take place during the few hours the kitchen is idle, between midnight and 4am, and any defective component would be replaced or repaired.

Good Economics

The cost of employing a maintenance team and supplying them with the required tools and equipment would be a considerable burden on the business. By talking to a company like Food Equipment Engineering Services, you can plan the perfect food equipment repair and maintenance contract that will cover emergency call outs and any necessary repairs. Any commercial catering business cannot afford any kitchen downtime, and enlisting the help of a professional maintenance company ensures that will never happen.

Access to Parts

We are major suppliers of kitchen appliance parts across Western Australia, and with most equipment imported, it can be quite a challenge to source a component. We are authorised dealers for most of the well-known brands, and we specialise in the design and installation of commercial kitchens of all sizes.

Spare Appliances

One of the major benefits to forging an alliance with an established maintenance company is the loan facility. In the event you lose a vital piece of equipment for major repairs, we would do our very best to supply you with a temporary stand-in, until we have your regular appliance up and running.

Protect Your Investment

A commercial kitchen is a huge investment, and the appliances require regular servicing, if they are to handle an eternal cycle of 18-hour days. The scheduled downtime maintenance ensures that everything is as it should be, and with a planned component replacement schedule, the appliances will continue to perform their specific tasks.

Smaller Restaurants

It isn’t just the large hotels that use our services, with many small businesses receiving essential support from our teams of technicians. Having been in the business for many years, we understand the needs of a kitchen manager, and strive to provide the essential support that keeps your kitchen ticking over. Our teams are flexible to fit your schedule, and together we can help you compile a maintenance plan that will cover every aspect of the kitchen.

A Range of Trades

Due to the complex make up of a modern commercial kitchen, we have tradesmen who are specific to their field, including gas and electrics, hot water systems, plumbing and fabrication. In short, we are able to handle any kitchen situation, so if you have a need for commercial kitchen maintenance, contact us at any time and we will do our best to assist.