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Combi Oven

Both electric and gas units are extremely reliable and user friendly in terms of trouble shooting. The elements in the electric versions are incredibly robust so to that end give little trouble. Mostly just remember no scratch cloth on the inside surfaces. The sheen is designed as a reflective surface to aid with less heat loss. The chemical clean process is paramount to its reliability. Door seal integrity is a must.

Spiral Mixer

The spiral mixer… “Only designed in most cases to take three bags of flour, not five”. I know you can get away with it, but seriously, when the bearings go, usually the bowl axle is cracked as well and it’s a major issue.

Type B Oven Burner

The type B oven burner is often overlooked. They are tucked out of the way and no one sees them, yet they do the lions-share of the work. If you’re meeting your compliance responsibility, it needs a check by a certified type B gas engineer — That’s where we can help.

Doughnut Robot

These machines are a real little earner, those hot, sticky, spicy little gems are always in demand. Just keep the oil and conveyor clean and you will get thousands of trouble-free miles.

Deep Fryer

These units are not for the faint-hearted. Compact, low-oil volume available, separate vats, energy efficient electric or gas. The thing is you only need the vat based on demand: 1, 2 or 3 vats. It’s programmable to take a specific time frame to cook various products. You can even order them in a split vat. It has timer alarm to prompt you when the optimal cook time has elapsed. This helps to keep your quality assurance up. They also provide a filter system integral to the unit as well. That’s right, you can filter once, twice, three times a day if you want. You can get many years of service from deep friers if maintained correctly.

Divider Rounder

It’s very important to keep the blades and lower plate adjusted and clean. Keeping the oil in the gear box clean is also essential for the longevity of these units.

Bakers Deck Oven

These units are a must for the serious baker. What can I say, these have been on offer for years. They probably do in excess of a hundred thousand miles trouble free, but again, they have a couple of niggly points to be wary of. Keep the steam trays clean and clear. We have some spare elements and a steam tube and a drive belt on hand as they aren’t that expensive. They do tend to give out without warning, yep no warning, and your down on your bake.

Bread Slicer

Works day in and day out, never complains, but blunt blades can slow down productivity dramatically. The extra friction causes the plastic con rod to break. Remember that old science class… cause and effect.

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