Laura Saccone at Gino’s Café

I first me Peter Lewis in August 2013 after our cafe went under major renovations. This included a whole new kitchen involving all-new Angelo Po kitchen Equipment to our Café.

Peter commissioned and obtained tier two certification for the Angelo Po equipment, with the ongoing care, maintenance, and advice for the commercial equipment.

I can confirm that his performance and attitude were conducted with excellent knowledge of all aspects of his work.

He is also qualified in filtered sparkling systems, electrical and gas services.

I trust the information provided will help him to succeed in his new business and new venture, and would highly recommend Peter who I found to be extremely helpful and followed through to completion of all the jobs visited at Gino’s Café.

Steve Neal at JL Lennard Pty Ltd

I have known Pete for a little over two years. He was recommended to me as a proficient and reliable gas fitter/technician in the Taupe area when I was investigating local support for two advanced, new generation, computer-controlled Henny Penny open gas fryers to be installed in a McDonald’s restaurant. These fryers were the first of their type in the Southern Hemisphere and there was concern about how, as distributors, we could adequately support them from a distance of over 230 kms.

I need not have been concerned. Pete was very professional in assisting with the installation. Following commissioning, there were external issues that Pete diagnosed and resolved efficiently. Some later servicing issues required some resourcefulness in their repair which Pete met without fuss or delay.

It is my opinion that Pete Lewis represents the highest standard of tradesmanship one could hope to deal with.

I have absolutely no reservations recommending him for any position demanding the best candidate in their field.

Graham Owen at Rinnai Hot Water Systems

I have had the pleasure of knowing Pete Lewis for the past 8 years.

I was first introduced when I was in the position of Technical Officer at Rheem New Zealand.

Peter was a Service Agent for Rheem NZ in the Taupo region and fulfilled this role as an installer and service repairman extremely well.

Rheem had many Service Agents around the country (all with different skill levels), but Pete would have been at the top of the range as far as knowledge and professionalism. No job was too hard and he would never turn a job down and always stuck with it until the job was completed. He also completed these tasks with complete courtesy.

I then moved on to the position of Service and Installation Manager for Rinnai New Zealand and he fulfilled the same position for Rinnai as he did for Rheem.

He attended all the training functions we held and has been totally dedicated to the plumbing and gas fitting industry.

I can only comment on his skills as a plumber and gas fitter but I know he has many other talents.

I would not hesitate in recommending him to any position that involved technical apprehension, fault finding, or good old fashion stick ability attitude. Whether it be a gas appliance, plumbing fixture or some type of mechanical engine.

Pete will not let anything beat him.

Frank Evans at Carter Holt Harvey Packaging

This is to certify that I have been employing Peter Lewis as plumbing contractor at our case factory in Tararua Road, Levin for the last three years, and have been very satisfied with his quality of service and the quality of his workmanship over that time.

During that time we have thrown Peter a few fast balls, but he has always worked out a solution for us and I can say with confidence that we have yet to find a job that he cannot handle.

I recommend him without reservation.

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